Juvenile Crimes Lawyer In Charleston

Juvenile crimes are handled in a different manner from adult crimes. And while juveniles may be tried as adults, the consequences of sentences handed down following a conviction can be devastating.

Attorney Dennis O'Neill can provide the kind of legal and criminal defense representation that young people need when charged with a crime. Dennis has decades of experience dealing with the juvenile justice system in South Carolina. He regularly represents college students in Charleston County charged with crimes. As he understands the consequences of a conviction when it comes to juvenile matters, he will take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the consequences as much as possible.

Finding The Resources To Help Young People Out

No one is as badly in need of an experienced attorney as is a young person charged with a criminal act. The consequences of an arrest can follow that young person around for the remainder of his or her life.

Besides needing legal representation, young people facing the court system may also be dealing with a number of mental, emotional and substance abuse issues. Young people may come from broken homes and as a result of their circumstances make poor choices.

As a juvenile crimes lawyer, Dennis O'Neill will prepare the defense based upon individual circumstances. Especially when it comes to young people, Dennis understands that every case is different and that the best possible resolution for these cases will be different for each matter.

Representation includes more than simply defending the young person in court. It can mean getting these young individuals in touch with the care and resources that they need. It can mean making sure the young person can finish up with his or her schooling and not end up in front of the courts once again in the future.

Especially in juvenile cases, it is important to make every effort to have records of an arrest or conviction sealed. This can allow the young person to pursue future opportunities that would never be available if the information were to be made public.

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