Estate Administration Attorney In Charleston

If you lose someone close, deciding what to do next can be a particularly difficult task. Especially for someone new to such circumstances, this process can seem daunting.

Dennis O'Neill is a lawyer who can lighten your burden by doing the estate administration work for you. Having had several decades of experience in helping Charleston County residents under similar circumstances, Dennis will educate you on the probate process and ease your mind by handling the various duties for you.

What Does Estate Administration Involve?

Estate administration involves:

  • Organizing documentation pertaining to the estate
  • Gathering together the assets of the estate
  • Paying off taxes and debts that the estate owes
  • Resolving all other issues related to taxes
  • Petitioning the court for admission of the will to probate
  • Communicating with financial organizations regarding the deceased's accounts
  • Transferring the names of accounts
  • Arranging for administration of properties inside and outside of South Carolina
  • Making certain all insurance proceeds are collected and correctly disbursed
  • Resolving potential disputes concerning all claims made on the estate

These are just some of the duties that estate administration includes. Because the process can be complex, mistakes can be costly, and it's so vital that the wishes of the deceased be carried out, professional assistance from a knowledgeable attorney is extremely recommended.

As an estate administration attorney, Dennis O'Neill can take over all of the estate administration duties and make certain that mistakes are not made. He has the professional experience to administer the estate efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

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