Insurance Claims Lawyer In Charleston

Squabbles with insurance companies over disputed claims can be costly. When accidents or storms may cause damage to your home, the insurance company may decline to pay any or all of the money you are rightfully owed. This often occurs after the policyholder has paid premiums on homeowner policies for a number of years.

Such claims can result due to an insurance company's unwillingness to fully compensate policyholders for their losses. While cost of property damage or defective construction is not always immediately known, these insurance companies may try to hurry the settlement of your claim. Insurance companies may also try to claim exclusions for having to pay on certain types of damage.

As a Charleston County lawyer, Dennis O'Neill has decades of experience representing homeowners who feel they have had their insurance claims wrongfully denied. His goal is to make certain insurance companies honor the contract they have made with policyholders concerning property claims.

The Purpose Of Insurance Policies

Under South Carolina law, insurance policies are required to be written in a manner that will allow policyholders protection. When property is damaged or injuries occur on the property, we want to make certain that the policyholder is provided the kind of coverage that prevents tremendous expense.

When insurance disputes arise and an insurance company does not honor its obligation toward its policyholders, experienced legal representation is needed. Being an insurance claims lawyer, Dennis O'Neill has represented policyholders in claims made against insurance companies for as long as he has been a licensed attorney. There is no substitute for the years of experience he has had in negotiating with insurance companies and, in certain instances, taking those companies to court.

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