Real Estate – Seller's Representation

Especially from the seller's perspective, real estate has become an increasingly regulated area of law. Federal and state regulators are cracking down on the manner in which home sales are conducted at a time when buyers are still reluctant to purchase new property. Prospective buyers understand that home values have taken a drastic hit since 2008 and that many homeowners still have negative equity in their homes.

Making Certain A Real Estate Sale Goes Smoothly

Mistakes made during real estate transactions can be costly for sellers. Besides being in danger of losing the money that you have already invested into a piece of property, you may also be in violation of any number of laws if transactions are not conducted correctly or if financing and purchase agreements and other closing documents are not prepared correctly. There are numerous disclosure requirements that must be followed. Also, there are building code and zoning laws that must be complied with when a real estate sale takes place. Perceived violations of the law can result in fines and license suspension. Lawsuits can put at risk everything you as a real estate seller have worked for.

Dennis O'Neill is a skilled real estate attorney who understands every aspect of real estate transactions. As a lawyer, he has represented the interests of sellers on hundreds of occasions in Charleston County. He understands South Carolina law and the number of new federal requirements put in place that more often than not were designed to protect the buyer.

Dennis O'Neill can advise sellers on how to avoid circumstances that could lead to being sued. Dennis can analyze the entire circumstances when it comes to sales of property and make certain that no laws are violated. And as an experienced litigator and attorney, he can represent your interests in the event accusations have been made against you by an unsatisfied buyer. He is prepared to take on the difficult task of making certain that transactions are conducted in accordance with the law, and that the seller's financial interests are well-represented.

If you are a real estate seller in need of legal representation, please contact the O'Neill Law Firm, LLC, at our Mount Pleasant office by calling 843-884-9494.